Ben Stiller is Adapting British Comedy 'Home' for American Audiences

Ben Stiller has signed on to direct and executive-produce a new comedy called Home, reports Deadline. It originally aired in the U.K. on Channel 4.

At this point, NBC has confirmed a put pilot and depending on how that goes will determine whether or not it goes to series. But, with Stiller's successful track record (Zoolander, Tropic Thunder), we're leaning toward... yay (vs. nay).

The story revolves around a new couple, Mark and Melanie, who go on a camping trip with Melanie's son Jonah. It's meant to be a light-hearted jaunt, but instead of coming back with leaves for their scrapbook, they return with a Syrian refugee named Jay.

We seem to be missing one bit, like how did they meet Jay? If the new series falls in line with the original, it appears Jay snuck a ride home in the back of the family minivan:

And, stating the obvious, when first reading the description it sounded like Jay was a child, being brought in for shelter. Nope. Jay is a full-grown man. Well, full-grown men need shelter, too. This actually makes it all the more interesting, at least to us.

As the story progresses, Jay tries to prove his loyalty to immigration. In the above he says, "I love the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill. Elizabeth II. Top Gear!"

He won us over with the TG mention.

Home is in the early stages, and a start date has yet to be announced.

Any casting suggestions from your end?