Acorn TV's Australian Series 'Mystery Road' Is Getting a Second Season

If you're a fan of True Detective, then Acorn TV's Mystery Road may be for you. The crime drama has been hailed as “Australia’s answer to True Detective," according to Junkee. 

The critically-acclaimed series is back for a second go, with season two premiering on Monday, October 12.

The first season kicked off in 2018, revolving around Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen), who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of two teenagers. The local police chief (Judy Davis) has a theory, that the boys came across something they shouldn't have. Whatever the reason, Detective Swan has been sent in to find them.

Set on an outback cattle station, Swan uncovers a past injustice that rattle the entire community.

Here's a peek at the trailer for season one:

And, onto the new-news. The second season picks up with a new case. We see the return of Pedersen as the brooding Jay Swan, and this time the story takes him to the coastal town of Gideon, where a body turns up decapitated. The investigation leads him to a suspected drug trafficking ring.

He butts heads with a Swedish archaeologist (The Bridge's Sofia Helin) who plans to dig up Indigenous artifacts. Members of the local community aren't so keen on that, and set up a protest to run interference.

In case you missed it, here's a peek at the trailer for the upcoming season:

The series is adapted from two feature-length films, 2013’s Mystery Road and 2016’s Goldstone. 

We officially have a new TV crush on Detective Swan. What about you?