A Virtual 'Doctor Who' Pub Quiz is Happening Over Easter Weekend

We can imagine people are missing going to the pub to see pals. While this isn't exactly the same, The Quiz of Rasillon will be hosting an online version of their pub quiz for Doctor Who fans to participate in.

It's expected that hundreds of people will join in via the video conferencing service Zoom. Each team will be asked a question before entering the call, and once answered correctly, given access. From there, the individual teams will have their own "TARDIS," a separate video call room, where they can go over questions and answers privately.

If you're keen to take part, each team is asked to sign up via email, by Saturday, April 11, midday. An exact time isn't provided, but midday in the U.K., would be in the morning in the U.S. So, if you are interested, maybe just send off an email this afternoon/evening to be safe.

The quiz itself will take place on Sunday, April 12, at 7pm BST (which is 2pm EST).

The folks hosting the quiz say in their tweet to "read the small print." It seems like there are a few moving parts, but hopefully it's not all that complicated:


If you want to study up, it's said that the quiz itself will feature questions based on the season 12 finale "The Timeless Children," 2005’s "Rose" and the classic episode "Evil of the Daleks" from 1967. As well, there will be some twist and turns with "many other weird and wonderful rounds."

The Quiz of Rassilon co-creator Michael Williams said to the RadioTimes, “The Quiz has always been a place where fans from all corners of the fandom can come together for a bit of fun and to talk about their favorite show." And a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Are you up for this?? If so, what's your team name going to be!?