A 'Sexy Beast' TV Prequel is In the Works

How about this for television heaven? Cult British gangster movie Sexy Beast will meet The Sopranos in a new TV show currently in development.

Deadline reports that a prequel to the 2000 film starring Ray Winstone, Sir Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane, is currently being worked up by Michael Caleo, one of the writers of the Emmy Award-winning, New Jersey-based mobster show.

Need a reminder of the film? Here's the original trailer:


The new series will reportedly focus on Gal Dove, the ex-criminal played by Winstone in the original movie. Whereas Sexy Beast shows Gal trying to start a new life in Spain, when his old associate Don Logan (Kingsley) turns up to recruit him for a heist on behalf of crime lord Teddy Bass (McShane), the new series will wind back the clock and show how it all began.

Set in London in the 1990s, it'll show how the young Gal initially formed a partnership with Don, started working for Teddy, and met his wife DeeDee (played by New TricksAmanda Redman in the film).

It's early days for the TV project, as producers are still shopping it around cable and streaming networks, but it sounds promising. The original film featured one of Sir Ben's greatest ever performances — and perhaps his most terrifying, not to mention expletive-laden.  It even won him an Oscar nomination, while The Sopranos is regularly named one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

Do you like the sound of a Sexy Beast prequel?