A Couple Trying to Have a Baby Bring a Surrogate Into Their Life in 'The Nest'

We recently featured Acorn TV's Scotland-based The Nest in our new monthly roundup Pop Culture Pulse.  But since then, just this week actually, a new trailer has been released.

If the series is new to you, it revolves around a married couple who is struggling to have a baby. Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders) takes on the role of Emily, with Martin Compston (Line of Duty) playing her devoted-ish husband Dan. We say "ish" because he's not completely on board with her idea of relying on a young girl to act as a surrogate.

Emily and Dan only have one frozen embryo left, so they only have one chance at making this happen.

As we see in the trailer, Emily is at her wits end and screams at Dan, "I am doing it, with or without you!!"

While Dan may have had misgivings about the process, his instincts may have been right about bringing a stranger into their life. It seems the 18-year-old girl (Mirren Mack from Sex Education), who has volunteered her womb, sort of say, may have misrepresented her intentions.

The new trailer helps explain what we mean by that:


In the above we see Bridget Jones's Diary alum Shirley Henderson, say, "I know what she's after."

We don't! But, we are intrigued to find out.

The first two episodes of The Nest premiere on Acorn TV this Monday, July 13, and you can look for a new episode each week through August 3.

Is this going on your watch list?