8 Times Tom Hardy Did It His Way

It's not all that common for a film to be dedicated to a supervillain, but that's the case with Marvel's Venom, starring Tom Hardy in the title role. If you're not clear on who/what Venom is, it's an alien symbiote that relies on a human host to live on Earth, creating an entirely new species. In the trailer, Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock, says, "That power. It's not completely awful."

Err, that alien parasite might be affecting his mind:


Hardy seems like the perfect choice to spearhead this antisuperhero film, being a rather unique individual himself.

Here are eight times the British actor confirmed he's not one to conform, in the sweetest possible way:

1. He Tackles the Hard Questions Head On 


Just last week (September 28), Hardy sat down with BBC Radio 1 and answered some hard-hitting questions from kids. It's actually one of the sweetest, and informative Hardy interviews we've heard to date. Lola, age 11, asks, "I've just started a new school and I'm trying really hard to behave. What is the naughtiest thing you've done?" Hardy, a father of two, replies, "You don't want to know!" He goes on to address Lola's question more seriously, saying, "Making the effort to try to be good is really, really important. But being yourself is more important."

2. He Had a Secret Wedding 


Hardy is his own man and likes to do his own thing, but he's not going it alone on. He's loved up and had an under the radar wedding with his lady love, Charlotte Riley. They wanted to keep things private and we tip our hat to that. The couple married secretly in the South of a France in 2014. Friends and family were invited, so it wasn't a full-blown elopement. The two actors met on the set of Wuthering Heights and were engaged shortly after. You can check out their on-screen chemistry in the above trailer, which clearly spilled off-screen.

3. He Uses His Body as a Canvas 


In the FX series Taboo, Hardy donned some painted-on body art for the role of James Delaney, a 19th century explorer. Which kind of gives us a giggle, because underneath the paint worn for the role, his body is covered in tattoos! Hardy's Instagram page shows off the artwork, which he's not shy to share.

4. He Has a Silly Side 


Some movie stars might take themselves way too seriously, but not this guy. Hardy is serious when it comes to his work, but when he's off the clock, he can definitely let loose. Oh, you know, like, lip synching to 50 Cent's single, "P.I.M.P," with this Dubsmash version. It cuts off right before the curse words kick in, so no worries about it being NSFW. 

5. He Hearts Dogs 


Hardy is a known animal lover and anti-cruelty activist. He took his love for dogs one one step further, by starring in a movie about a man and his dog. Hardy is at the point in his career that he can be pretty choosey about his roles, and he chose The Drop. His character finds a battered dog and nurses him back to health. There is also some mafia and crime fighting stuff, but it's the storyline about the dog that stands out. On a more somber note, Hardy said a public goodbye to his rescue dog and best friend, Woody, who died in 2017. While sad, it was nice of him to share such a personal moment.

6. He Reads Bedtime Stories 


It was a bit of a surprise when Hardy sat down to read a bedtime story for CBeebies. But, as we get to know him better through our intensive research for this write-up, aka Googling, it's not all that surprising. He clearly gets on well with kiddos. And, the story he reads is about... a dog! Fancy that. In the above clip, he reads Rob Bidduph's Odd Dog Out. A dog who does his own thing? He's just like Tom!

7. He's Not Afraid to Confront Criminals


Last year, Hardy was minding his own business in London when a crime unfolded right in front of him. He could've looked the other way and not risked messing up his movie star good looks. But thankfully he didn't. Two teenagers had stolen a motorcycle, then crashed it. Hardy chased the teens on foot, apprehending one of them and putting him under citizen's arrest. We can't confirm this, but if we know Hardy like we think we do, he probably gave the youth a talking to, in an attempt to set him straight.

8. Even His Hair is Unique 


Hardy rocks one-of-a-kind hairstyles on a regular basis. He definitely uses his 'do as a way to express himself, whether it's shaved sides, an Elvis-like do, or a crazy cowlick sticking straight out in the absolute cutest way. And it's not just us who've noticed his uber trendy choices in coif. Sweep the Internet and you'll even find articles like, "How to Get Hair Like Tom Hardy" and "40 Steaming Tom Hardy Haircuts —  Looks for Every Guy to Try." 

On the flip side, he can also pull off no hair:


Do you think Tom Hardy stands out from the crowd?