7 Times 'Top Gear' Presenter Chris Harris Really Impressed Us

The new season of Top Gear continues Sundays at 8pm EST, with the new new season premiering October 18 on BBC America. To whet your appetite, here's a reminder of some of the times co-host Chris Harris – a distinguished automotive journalist who's written for magazines including Autocar and Jalopnik – has really blown us away with his knowledge, passion, and absolutely insane racing skills.

1. The time he gave David Tennant a driving lesson.

This clip is brilliant because a) the Doctor Who star is clearly having a blast, and b) Harris is perhaps a little more on edge. Still, the end results are still pretty impressive, surely a testament to Harris's teaching skills.


2. The time he was able to identify supercars just by their start-up sounds.

Okay, so Harris doesn't quite get full marks here, but his ear for an engine is definitely impressive. Put it this way: after just a second or two of one start-up sound, he accurately identifies that the car in question has "a very Italian starter motor."


3. The time he drifted an Alfa Romeo through a hole in the wall.. sideways.

Harris himself admits that this challenge feels "very, very wrong" before he takes it on. Seriously, even if you've seen this one before, it's probably going to make you wince all over again. Whew.


4. The time he and Matt LeBlanc climbed a mountain on electric dirt bikes.

These two-wheelers definitely aren't the kind of bikes you cycle to the market on...


5. The time he smashed it in a Porsche GT2RS.

Porsche describe this supercar as "the most powerful, non-street legal, GT customer sports car we've ever built," and Harris is clearly impressed as well. Showing his journalistic flair by hailing it as a "feral, deranged banshee of a car," he hurls it round the track so fast you can almost smell the burning rubber.


6. The time he also smashed it in a Porsche electric vehicle.

When Harris says "I've never done this in an electric car before," he's really not kidding — the Porsche Tycan Turbo roars forward with such G-force that Harris says it makes his kidneys hurt!


7. And finally, the time he wore a dinosaur costume... and became a moving target at a driving range.

Run, Chris, run!


Do you have a favorite Chris Harris moment?