7 of 'Top Gear' Presenter Freddie Flintoff's Funniest Ever Moments

Top Gear is back with new episodes debuting Sundays at 8pm EST on BBC America. To whet your appetite, here's a reminder of some of the times co-host Freddie Flintoff – a former star player for the England cricket team – has really made us laugh.
1. The time he got in a bungee-jumping car... yes, really.
This incredible stunt from the new season of Top Gear is completely stomach-churning, but Flintoff injects some levity into proceedings by making a self-deprecating joke about his "berries" before the big drop.
Warning: don't watch this clip if you've just eaten a big meal!

2. The time he talked cricket with Jennifer Lopez.
Cricket isn't a big deal in the U.S., so Flintoff gamely tried to explain how the game works to JLo when they appeared on the same episode of The Graham Norton Show. "Its closest sport in America is probably baseball," he said, "except cricket lasts five days, we break every five days for food, and we spend a lot of time rubbing our balls on our trousers." That cheeky double entendre is classic Flintoff.

3. The time he gave a no-holds-barred interview with Ladbible.
As its name suggests, British website Ladbible likes to ask questions which bring out a bit of laddish banter. Fortunately, Flintoff is always game for a laugh, and even reveals that he was once escorted out of 10 Downing Street – home of the U.K. Prime Minister – for drinking a bottle of beer in the historic Cabinet room. Very naughty, to be quite honest.

4. The time he spoke about his brief career as a celebrity interviewer.
Flintoff might have made Jennifer Lopez laugh, but things didn't go quite so well when he was sent to a movie junket to interview Will Smith and, erm, asked him about hair transplants. Never change, Freddie, never change.

5. The time he and Jack Whitehall had a bit of a squabble.
Flintoff and Whitehall appear together on the British sports-themed panel show A League of Their Own, but when Whitehall missed a few episodes due to his filming commitments in the U.S., Flintoff didn't exactly welcome him back with open arms...

6. The time he decided to moonlight as a cricket commentator... while playing a cricket match.
Never let it be said that Flintoff can't multi-task! This hilarious clip shows precisely why Flintoff became known as one of cricket's biggest characters during his distinguished sporting career.

He even treated viewers to a rendition of the Elvis Presley classic "In the Ghetto."

7. The time his driving style wasn't quite as gentle as it needed to be.
In this clip from the latest season of Top Gear, Flintoff gets behind the wheel of a hefty-looking SUV and attempts to shunt two smaller cars – driven by co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris – up a hill. It, um, doesn't exactly go as planned.

Do you have a favorite funny moment featuring Freddie Flintoff?