Here Comes Trouble: 7 Times Miriam Margolyes Was a Chat Show MVP

The one and only Miriam Margolyes is a guest on this week's episode of The Graham Norton Show, which airs Friday (November 12) at 11pm EST on BBC America. This is actually the mischievous actress's eighth time on the show, and on her previous appearances she's become known for being very candid, very funny, and at times very naughty. To whet your appetite, here's a reminder of some of her best moments from The Graham Norton Show and other TV talk shows.
1. The interview where she shared her frank assessment of Mamma Mia!.
Margolyes did this, of course, while sitting next to Mamma Mia! star Dominic Cooper. No one could accuse her of failing to tell it like it is…

2. The interview where she reconnected with Daniel Radcliffe.
When the Harry Potter actor points out that it's been 20 years since he and Margolyes made the first movie, she replies: "And your balls have dropped since then!" Classic Margolyes. 
3. ...and recalled the time she was linked to a $13m cocaine bust.
As Graham Norton points out, it's somehow the sort of thing that could only happen to Margolyes.

4. The interview where she really enjoyed an ice cream.
Note to self: Miriam Margolyes does not appreciate a chocolate flake, and will hand it back if given one.
5. The interview where she totally shocked Matthew Perry.
She did so by sharing her very intimate memories of meeting Sir Laurence Olivier. And when we say intimate, we really do mean intimate.

6. The interview where she got real about Harry Potter.
During this typically entertaining chat on Australian TV show Studio 10, Margolyes shares her favorite thing about playing Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies. As ever, you can’t fault her for being honest.
7. And finally, the interview where she gets confused by Paul Rudd.
In this clip from Friday's episode of The Graham Norton Show, Rudd demonstrates his trick for making a Smartphone photo look ever so slightly suggestive. Margolyes seems kind of bemused by the whole thing, which is very funny indeed.
Do you have a favorite Miriam Margolyes chat show moment?