1980s TV Series 'Knight Rider' Is Being Made Into a Movie

We just mentioned KITT from Knight Rider in a roundup of famous TV cars. Possibly it was a premonition that we'd be getting more of this talking car? It appears there is now a movie in the works for the popular TV series, reports ComingSoon.net. 

We can't take all of the credit for this new venture, with the 1980s TV series being a bit of a cult classic. And being responsible for putting the lead David Hasselhoff on the map.


James Wan (Aquaman) has signed on to produce the movie adaptation, with T.J. Fixman set to write the script. Fixman is known for writing and developing video games (Rachet & Clank) and has now set his sights on film.

The switch-up makes sense, with Knight Rider already having been made into a video game.


The original series ran from 1982-1986, starring Hasselhoff as crime-solver Michael Knight. But, he doesn't go it alone, relying on the support and advice from his A.I. enhanced car KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT was voiced by William Daniels (St. Elsewhere).

The forthcoming movie is set to be based in present day. According to the description, it's "set to maintain the anti-establishment tone of the original series."

There's no talk of who will star, but we really, really, really hope Hasselhoff returns to reprise the role. This man is timeless, we think he can step right back into the story. It'd also be great if Daniels was up for lending his voice to KITT once again.

Maybe this can be another premonition write-up? Like, the casting gods may get wind of our wishful thinking...

Do you want to see more of David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight?