10 British Murder-Mystery Series We Can't Get Enough Of

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Emma Corrin is switching gears, going from historical drama to murder-mystery. We can look for The Crown actress in the forthcoming series Retreat, starring as an amateur sleuth. While this is still in the works, heading to FX once completed, let's take a peek back at some of our favorite British crimes series. 
Who doesn't like a whodunit? 
1. Sherlock 

Should we start off with the tried-and-true Sherlock? We didn’t just enjoy Sherlock when it aired in real-time (2010-2017), it’s a series we go back to and watch on repeat. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the title role, with Martin Freeman as his right-hand man, Dr. Watson. The series kicks off with the two investigating inexplainable suicides, which may have been forced.
2. Broadchurch 

We saw David Tennant and Olivia Colman team up for Broadchurch (2013-2017)portraying detective partners. When a young boy goes missing, and his body is found on the beach, it's clear this wasn't an accident. Over the course of the series, we meet the residents of the sleepy seaside town of Broadchurch, who create even more suspicion and pending questions. 
3. The ABC Murders 

It wouldn't be a murder-mystery list without mention of an Agatha Christie adaptation. In 2018, we saw John Malkovich take on the iconic role of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Poirot, who is retired, is receiving threatening letters from an unknown serial killer. The letters, which provide hints about future murders (for Poirot to stop), are simply signed, "ABC." 
4. Marcella 

In 2016, we saw Anna Friel in Marcella. She takes on the role of Marcella Backland. When she finds herself unexpectedly divorced, she returns to the force. As a detective, she encounters a new case that reminds her of a string of murders from years back. To make things even more complicated, Marcella's mental state is compromised and even considers herself a suspect. 
5. Silent Witness 

Silent Witness kicked off in 1996 and is still in production. The series revolves around a team of forensic pathologists and scientists who rely on the corpse at the center of the case to find clues about the person's untimely demise. While it may be too late to stop a murder, at least they can provide answers and seek justice. We can look for season 25 to premiere in 2022. 
6. Bancroft 

In 2017, the series Bancroft premiered, starring Sarah Parish in the title role. The story revolves around a cold case being revisited. Detective Superintendent Bancroft's coworker DS Catherine Stevens is leading the investigation of an unsolved murder. There is one slight problem, it somehow involves Bancroft. She abandons her duties and dignity to run interference. 
7. Shetland

The Scotland-based Shetland hit airwaves in 2013, starring Douglas Henshall as DI Jimmy Perez. We’ve seen five seasons roll out since, with a sixth season premiering this fall. The first season began with Perez relocating to the Shetland Islands, following his wife’s death. He joined the local police force, leading a team of investigators in a murder case.
8. Collateral 

In 2018, Carey Mulligan joined the ranks of on-screen detectives, starring in Collateral. The story begins with the murder of a pizza delivery man. It's believed to be a random act of violence. But, as the investigation progresses, it turns out the shooting followed a delivery to the ex-wife of a high ranking-public official. Coincidence or not, it sets off red flags. 
9. The Victim 

In 2019, Kelly Macdonald took on the role of a complex character in The Victim. She portrays a grieving mother, whose son was murdered 14 years prior. When the killer is released from prison, she tracks him down, posting his new identity and home address online. Her turning to the internet results in him being beaten brutally. She is then the one put on trial. 
10. Luther 

Shall we end the list with the BBC America original Luther? Idris Elba takes on the title role, starring as DCI John Luther. In the 2010 season opener, we also meet Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), who is tragically brilliant. This former prodigy is accused of killing her parents and continuing her murderous ways. Luther becomes fixated o figuring her out and putting her away. 
Are you going to go back and re-watch any, if not all, of these series?