10 British and American Celebrity Podcasts to Try While Working from Home

If you're working from home right now, you might find yourself craving some background noise that isn't the radio or a rolling news network. Celebrity podcasts are an ideal alternative, offering a familiar and comforting voice talking about something that interests them, often with a famous friend or two. Here are some of our favorites hosted by British and American celebrities.

1. David Tennant Does a Podcast

If you haven't tried the Doctor Who star's podcast yet, it's definitely worth delving into: Tennant is always a pleasure to listen to, and he attracts stellar guests including James Corden, his Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman, fellow Timelord Jodie Whittaker, and his Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate . There are 14 episodes to binge through, each containing quirky anecdotes and plenty of laughs.


2. RuPaul: What's the Tee? with Michelle Visage

Drag Race fans will know that RuPaul and best friend Michelle Visage can say just about anything to one another – however rude it is! Their natural affection and chemistry shines through on this weekly podcast where they're joined by past contestants and special guests including Andrew Garfield, Thandie Newton, and BBC America's own Graham Norton. The conversation can get pretty deep as they share challenges they've overcome in their personal and professional lives, but a fruity double entendre is never too far away.

3. Under the Skin with Russell Brand

British multi-hyphenate Russell Brand is known for his impressive vocabulary, but that's just one reason to check out his weekly podcast. Each episode sees Brand and special guests from the worlds of academia, popular culture, and the arts really dig into a hot topic of our times. Episodes can stretch out for nearly two hours – as fans will know, Brand is a real gabber – so make sure you've had your morning coffee before you press play.


4. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

The incredibly endearing Jonathan Van Ness launched this weekly podcast a few years before Queer Eye made him famous. The disarming warmth and empathy he brings to the makeover show also shine here as he and well-known guests ask questions such as “How Do Plants Get Their Break On?” and “How Do You Ignore Haters and Learn to Love Yourself?” Van Ness is prepared to get curious about anything and everything, so there's bound to be an episode or two that pique your interest.

5. Table Manners

British singer Jessie Ware teams up with mom Lennie for this popular podcast. The vibe is chatty and relaxed as the Wares cook for and chat with their celebrity guests, which means they often open up a little more than they might in a regular interview. Table Manners is now onto its ninth season and recent guests have included Riz Ahmed, Emilia Clarke, and Vanessa Williams.


6. The Gemma Collins Podcast

Gemma Collins is a British reality star who found fame on The Only Way Is Essex: a Jersey Shore-style show based in the English county of Essex. Over the years, she's said so many funny things on TV that she's become a kind of "queen of memes." She's a hilarious, relatable, and admirably self-confident figure who's not afraid to remind us that she's "earned her divaship," which means her BBC podcast is a quirky delight – on one episode, she even discusses whether houses can have feelings.

7. Talk Art

As well as being an in-demand actor with Doctor Who, The History Boys, and Being Human on his résumé, Russell Tovey is – in his own words – a "complete art geek." This weekly podcast sees him interview illustrious guests from the art world with help from gallerist co-host Robert Diament. The vibe is very much informative, friendly, and accessible, so you don't need to be an art expert to find it entertaining.


8. The Love Bomb with Nico Tortorella

Model-actor Nico Tortorella, who identifies as gender-fluid and uses they/them pronouns, hosts this podcast which explores "love and the labels associated with it." There are nearly 50 episodes to choose from, including in-depth conversations with Courtney Love, choreographer Todrick Hall, and Tortorella's Younger co-star Hilary Duff. If you fancy listening to a podcast that feels intimate and forward-thinking, The Love Bomb is one to bookmark.

9. Office Ladies

In their enjoyable new podcast, The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have set themselves the challenge of revisiting every single episode of the award-winning sitcom. Sometimes they're joined by a special guest like Ken Jeong or Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, but the hilarious recollections keep on coming either way. They're 20 episodes in now... which means they only have another 181 (!) to go.


10. So Lucky with Dawn O'Porter

British broadcaster Dawn O'Porter is a podcast veteran who really knows how to put a guest at ease. Her latest podcast sees her joined by well-known guests including author Lionel Shriver and activist Scarlett Curtis, who share the ups and downs of their lives and careers. The idea is to show that even super-successful folks don't get it right every time. Fingers crossed O'Porter manages to persuade her husband – actor Chris O'Dowd – to appear in a future episode!

What are your favorite celebrity podcasts?