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Jason Bateman Set to Direct ‘Superworld’ Movie

#NETFLIXFYSEE “Change In Focus” – Arrivals

Jason Bateman has been playing double duty, acting in the crime drama Ozark and directing ten episodes of the series. With Ozark season three having come to an end in 2020, he is taking on the latter full force. Bateman is already confirmed to be directing the romantic heist movie Here Comes the Flood. And […]

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10 of Our Favorite Ridley Scott Movies: From ‘Alien’ to ‘The Martian’ and Lots in Between

Alien Star

Writer-director-producer (can we consider him a triple threat?) Ridley Scott is always on our radar, but even more so with chatter about him making his TV directorial debut with Raised by Wolves. The sci-fi thriller sees an android raising human children, who are parentless because of the Earth being destroyed… that’ll do it. It seems […]

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10 of Our Favorite Henchmen in Film and TV: From ‘The Godfather’ to ‘Game of Thrones’

The Mountain and Cersei in Game of Thrones

In BBC America and AMC’s supernatural horror series NOS4A2, Zachary Quinto‘s immortal villain Charlie Manx has much of his dirty work done by Bing Partridge (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), a hardworking henchman whose faithful service doesn’t always seem to be respected by his boss. At times, Partridge would have every right to wonder whether Manx is […]

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David Tennant Reveals He’d Like a ‘Star Trek’ Role and Discusses ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Harry Potter’ During Reddit AMA

2019 Winter TCA Tour – Day 16

Pause everything. David Tennant has taken part in an AMA – or “Ask Me Anything” – session on Reddit. The Doctor Who favorite took part in the virtual Q&A to promote the second season of his self-titled podcast, which includes interviews with the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Jim Parsons, Brian Cox and George Takei. […]

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Ridley Scott’s TV Directorial Debut ‘Raised by Wolves’ Gets a New Trailer

Ridley Scott (Alien) is making his TV directorial debut with the forthcoming Raised by Wolves, set to air on HBO Max starting September 3, reports RadioTimes.  The title may sound like we’ll be heading into nature, but really it’s post-apocalyptic and otherworldly. When Earth is destroyed, an android (Amanda Collin) is created to act as […]

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Sir Sean Connery Voted Greatest Bond of All Time

Sean Connery as Bond

Sir Sean Connery has been voted the greatest James Bond of all time in a new poll. The Scottish actor became the first person to portray Ian Fleming‘s iconic spy in a movie when he starred in 1962’s Dr. No. In total, he starred in seven 007 movies culminating in 1983’s Never Say Never Again. […]

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Hilary Swank on New Space Exploration Series ‘Away’: ‘I Wanted to Be an Astronaut Before I Wanted to Be an Actor’

Cadillac Celebrates Oscar Week 2019

Hilary Swank (Trust) is set to star in the forthcoming Netflix series Away, premiering on September 4. As a child, Swank dreamt of becoming an astronaut and now it’s coming true on-screen. In an interview with USA Today, she said, “I wanted to be an astronaut before I wanted to be an actor, which was […]

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Exclusive Interview: ‘Misfits’ Star Lauren Socha Talks About Going From an Ensemble Cast to Taking the Lead in ‘The Other One’


Acorn TV has a new series coming out called The Other One, and it’s on our radar. The storyline is dark and somewhat devastating, but with it being told in the framework of a comedy, it is easily digestible. And bingeable, with all seven episodes premiering today (August 10).  When Colin Walcott (Simon Greenwall) unexpectedly […]

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Christopher Eccleston to Return as Ninth Doctor in New ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Adventures

Christopher Eccleston

This is not a drill: after a 15-year hiatus, Christopher Eccleston is reprising his role as the Ninth Doctor in a new series of 12 Doctor Who audio adventures. Made by Big Finish Productions in association with BBC Studios, the audio adventures will be released in four standalone volumes, beginning with volume one in May […]

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10 Reasons Why Colin Firth Really Is the Perfect Gentleman

Colin Firth

In his latest movie The Secret Garden, which is released in the U.S. via video on demand today (August 7), Colin Firth plays a sorrowful widower who’s too emotionally repressed – at first, anyway – to care for his recently orphaned niece. It’s a subtle, slow-burning role which he’ll surely play with his usual unshowy […]

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