Antiques Roadshow

Experts invite members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination.

S37, E1

Hillsborough Castle

The show's 35th year is marked by a very special visit from Her Majesty the Queen.

S37, E2

Kirby Hall

The Antiques Roadshow visits Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire.

S37, E3

Kirby Hall 2

BBC America: The Antiques Roadshow is back among the ruins of Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire.

S37, E4

Scone Palace

The Antiques Roadshow returns to Scone Palace in Perthshire, Scotland.

S37, E5

Derby Roundhouse

The Antiques Roadshow welcomes visitors to Derby's Roundhouse.

S37, E6

Chenies Manor 1

Finds include an intricate bamboo pot and a valuable piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

S37, E7

Chenies Manor 2

An amazing update about an ornate French plant stand last seen on the Roadshow in 1991.

S37, E8

World War One Special

In a special episode from the Somme, the team hears stories of courage in wartime.

S37, E9

Tredegar House 1

Treasures include a carved coconut and a frog-shaped brooch.

S37, E10

Towneley Hall 2

Treasures include a collection of cut-throat razors and a Tiffany mosaic.

S37, E11

Walthamstow Town Hall 1

Treasures include a Rolex that James Bond would be proud of and an old train ticket.

S37, E12

Christmas Special

A look back at some of the year's highlights and updates on some memorable items.

S37, E13

Durham Cathedral

Treasures include a sweetheart brooch, a Victorian penknife and secret D-Day documents.

S37, E14

Walthamstow Town Hall 2

Treasures include an art deco pendant with a hint of Egypt and some charming tiles.

S37, E15

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 1

Treasures include a miniature kitchen range, a merchant's ring and a sextant.

S37, E16

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 2

Treasures include a miniature piano with a secret and a sketch by LS Lowry.

S37, E17

Belton House 1

Treasures include Chairman Mao memorabilia and a purse that hides a secret weapon.

S37, E18

Belton House 2

Treasures include a 400-year-old Japanese chest and a walnut with a secret.

S37, E19

Lowther Castle 1

Treasures include a mysterious letterbox and a stuffed dog with an aristocratic pedigree.

S37, E20

Lowther Castle 2

Treasures include Action Man figures, a skeleton clock and watercolours by Beatrix Potter.

S37, E21

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 1

Treasures include Victorian insect jewelry and a silver cup from the time of Cromwell.

S37, E22

Barrington Court 1

Treasures include a toy Noah's ark, an Elizabethan wine jug and ceramic brewery figures.

S37, E23

Barrington Court 2

Treasures include a rock crystal brooch and a collection of chocolate moulds.

S37, E24

Ashton Court

In Bristol, the finds include a nautilus shell engraved with Brunel's suspension bridge.

S37, E25

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Finds include a piece of Swedish glass and an invitation to Sir Walter Scott's funeral.

S37, E26

Tredegar House 2

Treasures include a locket given by Queen Victoria and a Welsh-made classic car.

S37, E27

Ashton Court/Hillsborough 2

Treasures include a medal from the Battle of Waterloo and a Biba umbrella.