Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty

The TARDIS has been stolen and the Doctor and Jamie follow the clues which lead to an appointment at a mysterious antique shop.

S1, E2

Location, Location, Location

BBC America: There are unexpected outcomes for both families when an infestation at the nursery burrow forces the Whiskers to make a risky move with their youngest pups. Meanwhile heavily-pregnant Flint Lockwood leads Hakuna Matata in search of a new home.

S1, E3

Paradise Lost

BBC America: The good fortune of the Whiskers comes to a sudden end when history repeats itself with terrifying consequences for Swift. Meanwhile pregnant Flint leads Hakuna Matata home only to be confronted by local land-grabbers.

S1, E4

Winter of Discontent

BBC America: All three families of the dynasty are suffering a hard winter. Swift's life is threatened once again only this time the enemy is within. Flint is forced to take risks to feed her family and Daisy takes on the Zulus.

S1, E5

Sister, Sister

BBC America: Sencha, Munchkin and K'jess are in the line of fire as heavily pregnant Flint seeks to rid herself of threats within the family. Rover Shandy rocks up in Ubuntu's newly claimed Zulu territory and young sisters Laika and Fly are left alone at Whiskers

S1, E6

The Outcast

BBC America: Alone and at risk, evicted Sencha is clinging close to her family in the hope of a reprieve until an unexpected lifeline presents itself in the shape of rover Lilac; who brings with him the prospect of a better life.

S1, E7

Hard Times

After losing her two previous litters Flint is expecting the arrival of her third but the land-grabbing Ubuntu threaten to make her homeless. Tensions at Whiskers, exacerbated by the extreme heat, cause loyal Brea to make an uncharacteristic move.

S1, E8

Coming of Age

Sencha returns to the Hakuna Matata family but her arrival sparks concern - what are her intentions toward Flint's newborn pups? Trouble is brewing for Epsilon who is pregnant at the same time as her mother.

S1, E9

Gone Girls

Girl trouble sweeps across the manor. Swift is short of babysitters but her most senior girls Pandi and Mercy can't be trusted so they will have to go. Meanwhile at Ubuntu it's Daisy's daughters' dating profiles that are giving her a headache.

S1, E10


After seven months of drought, rain has returned to the manor triggering comings and goings in all the families. Swift faces a childcare crisis after having kicked out all her nannies, The Native is cast out after her brief encounter with Lewie.

S1, E11

Trouble in Paradise

Summer rains have caused an explosion of sourgrass across the manor leading to skin and eye problems for everyone. Finick attempts an unexpected burrow move and puts the pups lives in danger while pregnant Munchkin does everything she can to avoid eviction. Swift leads Whiskers back to an old home.

S1, E12

Hell and High Water

Tragedy strikes Hakuna Matata when a violent storm prevents the family from returning home to the pups. There’s turmoil at the Whiskers when five females reveal they are 'in the family way,’ and the river starts running for the first time in twenty-five years, spelling disaster for the Ubuntu gang.

S1, E13

A Turning Tide

Season finale. The aftermath of the storm leaves the Ubuntu gang back where they started, whilst at Hakuna Matata Munchkin finds a new purpose after the loss of her pups. Swift’s leadership is in question as she appears to relinquish power to her eldest daughter, but things at Whiskers are rarely as they seem.