Antiques Roadshow


S37, E1

Hillsborough Castle

The show's 35th year is marked by a very special visit from Her Majesty the Queen.

S37, E2

Kirby Hall

The Antiques Roadshow visits Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire.

S37, E3

Kirby Hall 2

BBC America: The Antiques Roadshow is back among the ruins of Kirby Hall in Northamptonshire.

S37, E4

Scone Palace 2

The Antiques Roadshow returns to Scone Palace in Perthshire, Scotland.

S37, E5

Derby Roundhouse

The Antiques Roadshow welcomes visitors to Derby's Roundhouse.

S37, E6

Chenies Manor 1

Finds include an intricate bamboo pot and a valuable piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

S37, E7

Chenies Manor 2

An amazing update about an ornate French plant stand last seen on the Roadshow in 1991.

S37, E8

World War One Special

In a special episode from the Somme, the team hears stories of courage in wartime.

S37, E9

Tredegar House 1

Treasures include a carved coconut and a frog-shaped brooch.

S37, E10

Towneley Hall 2

Treasures include a collection of cut-throat razors and a Tiffany mosaic.

S37, E11

Walthamstow Town Hall 1

Treasures include a Rolex that James Bond would be proud of and an old train ticket.

S37, E12

Christmas Special

A look back at some of the year's highlights and updates on some memorable items.

S37, E13

Durham Cathedral

Treasures include a sweetheart brooch, a Victorian penknife and secret D-Day documents.

S37, E14

Walthamstow Town Hall 2

Treasures include an art deco pendant with a hint of Egypt and some charming tiles.

S37, E15

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 1

Treasures include a miniature kitchen range, a merchant's ring and a sextant.

S37, E16

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 2

Treasures include a miniature piano with a secret and a sketch by LS Lowry.

S37, E17

Belton House 1

Treasures include Chairman Mao memorabilia and a purse that hides a secret weapon.

S37, E18

Belton House 2

Treasures include a 400-year-old Japanese chest and a walnut with a secret.

S37, E19

Lowther Castle 1

Treasures include a mysterious letterbox and a stuffed dog with an aristocratic pedigree.

S37, E20

Lowther Castle 2

Treasures include Action Man figures, a skeleton clock and watercolours by Beatrix Potter.

S37, E21

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 1

Treasures include Victorian insect jewelry and a silver cup from the time of Cromwell.

S37, E22

Barrington Court 1

Treasures include a toy Noah's ark, an Elizabethan wine jug and ceramic brewery figures.

S37, E23

Barrington Court 2

Treasures include a rock crystal brooch and a collection of chocolate moulds.

S37, E24

Ashton Court

In Bristol, the finds include a nautilus shell engraved with Brunel's suspension bridge.

S37, E25

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Finds include a piece of Swedish glass and an invitation to Sir Walter Scott's funeral.

S37, E26

Tredegar House 2

Treasures include a locket given by Queen Victoria and a Welsh-made classic car.

S37, E27

Ashton Court/Hillsborough 2

Treasures include a medal from the Battle of Waterloo and a Biba umbrella.