Lady Elms

A cold and distant woman, Lady Elms deeply neglects her daughter, Ruth, and is disdained by her husband, Lord Elms. Read Full Bio


Raphael Cilenti

Mr. Cilenti is the charming and dangerous owner of El Paradis, the Soho Club where Kiki performs and where Hector gets into trouble. Read Full Bio

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Camille is Freddie's surprise French wife, who he brings back to London with him from his recent travels. Read Full Bio


Bill Kendal

Bill seeks Bel's romantic affections, and Hector's professional graces as the head of the dueling ITV program 'Uncovered.' Read Full Bio


Angus McCain

Angus is now Head of Press for Macmillan, protecting the recently elected Prime Minister and the closed circle of his cabinet. Read Full Bio


Marnie Madden

Marnie is now a career woman, and celebrity in her own right, which drastically changes the dynamic between she and Hector. Read Full Bio


Bel Rowley

Bel is all hands on deck, prepared to fight for the integrity of her program, though she can't seem to keep away from married men. Read Full Bio


Freddie Lyon

Freddie is back from traveling the world, and returns to 'The Hour' with a surprise that further complicates his relationship with Bel. Read Full Bio