Season 14 may be coming to a close, but we’re still reeling from what celebrities revealed to Graham Norton this season. So, we’re taking a look back at what we learned — including the things we wish we could unlearn. (We’re talking to you, Jonah.)

1. Jonah Hill is Not the President of the Mile High Club. He is Also Not a Member.

Although he hit it sky-high with his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah’s love life took a turbulent tumble after a rather repugnant encounter.

2. Dominic Cooper is Well-Hung… According to Miriam Margoyles.

And his coffee shop story let us know what happens when you don’t tailor your trousers. Luckily Miriam Margoyles was on set to assist him pre-show to make sure there was no repeat performance on Graham’s coffee table.

3. Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville Get Touchy Feel-y, Paloma Faith talks dirty backstage at the BAFTA’s

Murray and Bonneville had a thing with the plaid printed pop-soul Paloma Faith on the couch, but she unveiled a more “intimate” encounter with one of the top men in Hollywood:

4. Lena Dunham’s Creative Expression Runs from, Uh, Chest to Toe

While she feels no shame in expressing herself through nudity, she prefers fancy footwork in her own home.

5. Matthew McConaughey’s Close Encounter of the Magic Mike Kind

Baring it all for the stripper film wasn’t the hardest part of the filming process…

6. Watch Out, Tinie Tempah! There Are Two New Hopefuls in the Rap Game.

Miranda Hart and Julie Walters divulged their hidden talents, impressing both Tinie Tempah and the audience.

7. Sir Elton John Foreskin Foreshadowing

Elton John definitely had no fear revealing a rather “private” horror story that involved, oddly enough, his grandmother…

8. Sharon’s Had Work Done… In MANY Places.

Sharon Osborne followed in Elton John’s footsteps with her own personal, private vagina monologue.

9. Daniel Radcliffe’s Hairily Grim Headpiece

Radcliffe showed up to Graham’s set with his role-required weave, but shocked us with where he possibly acquired it from.

10. In Love and Star Wars: Dreams are Achieved on The Graham Norton Show

Of course it couldn’t have been a successful season without someone confessing their inner feelings on the cozy couch. Benedict Cumberbatch can now retire. (Bite our tongues!)

11. Bonus! Naomi Campbell: She Ain’t No Diva*
The supermodel denies the New York Daily News’ claim that she tapes her face, but she does tape something else…

P.S. Don’t miss even more with Naomi Campbell on the Season 14 finale this Saturday at 10:15/9:15 p.m.!

*We’ve been listening to Beyonce’s “Diva” lately.