We laughed, we cried and were utterly surprised. This season’s guests held nothing back and shared some of their most embarrassing moments with Graham. From terrible sex faces to stripping for siblings, all we can say is “yikes!”

In no particular order, we present Season 15’s most shocking revelations:

1) Keira Knightley makes terrible sex faces (Ep. 11)

A technical difficulty during a big audition left Keira caught in a moment of passion. Literally.

2) Cameron Diaz has a message for the ladies: “Pubes matter!” (Ep. 1)

And she advises you that you shouldn’t let get rid of them: “Once it’s gone you can’t get it back.”

3) Andrew Garfield had a short-lived Spice Girls love affair (Ep. 2)

She asked him to be her lover, but first he had to get with her friends.

4) One superfan uses Seth Rogen’s body as an artistic muse (Ep. 4)

…and luckily for us he’s decided to share his gift of Seth’s birthday suit with the world.

 5) Seth made another revelation: what Kanye really thought of his “Bound 2” video remake with James Franco.

6) Think Madonna was the first to rock the cone bra? Think again. (Ep. 6)

Jean Paul Gautier sets the record straight with his furry friend, Nana.

7) One Robin Thicke song was the only way co-stars could coax X-Men: Days of Future Past star Michael Fassbender out of his trailer. (Ep.5)

(OK – we said these were in no particular order, but we lied. This was certainly the best moment of the season because Fassbender. McAvoy. Jackman.)

8) Channing Tatum stripped… for his sister (Ep. 8)

…dressed as boy scout.

8) Jonah Hill and Morgan Freeman Play the Name Game (Ep. 8)

And hilarity ensues. Jonah shares his awkward encounter with the acting legend on their first film together.

10) Why does Jonah Hill hate goldfish? (Ep.8)

Keep ’em coming, Jonah. One scene in The Wolf of Wall Street left Jonah with a mouthful.

Because 10 isn’t enough, here’s a bonus moment: 

Barry Manilow makes an uh-oh with the Smithsonian (Ep. 6)

Copacabana ruffles were in! And then they were out. That’s history for you.