Snatches: Moments From Women's Lives

Eight incredible stories from ordinary women.

S1, E1


A hotel room meeting between a young actress and her powerful producer

S1, E2


A woman celebrates her 100th birthday while outside the revolution is beginning

S1, E3

Bovril Pam

It's the early 1960s, and stuck between Victorian England and the sexual revolution, a secretary in the typing pool finds herself.

S1, E4

Pig Life

It's 1991 and rape in marriage has been made illegal

S1, E5

Reclaim the Night

1977 and the first Reclaim the Night march takes place in Leeds

S1, E6


It's 1932 and Pritilata leads an attack against the European Club

S1, E7


Accused of the murder of her three babies, a woman educates herself to prove the expert witness wrong

S1, E8

Tipping Point

A pregnant woman in the future is being pursued on social media