• The fallout from his failure to catch Jack The Ripper still casts viscous and protracted shadows for Det. Insp. Edmund Reid. Yet since the departure of his friend and comrade, Sgt. Bennet Drake, Reid has succumbed to the kind of moral entropy he had always previously fought…and it has created a hole where his heart should be. Reid has yielded to his own shame and isolation, policing Whitechapel with a level of forensic detail and obsession that leads Chief Insp. Fred Abberline to fear for his mental well-being. Reid is a man isolated in the world, and it may only be the return of Drake who can help cast aside his dark abyss.

    The world of 'H' Division has slipped from its axis, and Whitechapel needs vigilant policing now more than ever. It needs Detective Inspector Edmund Reid truly back at its helm.