Eight new writers respond to the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act — which partially decriminalized homosexual acts between men in the UK.

S1, E1

The Man on the Platform

A young man returning from WWI recalls a secret love

S1, E2

A Grand Day Out

17 year old Andrew comes to London for the first time — with unexpected results

S1, E3

More Anger

A promising new part looks like a game-changer for actor Phil

S1, E4

Missing Alice

In 1957, Alice and her husband share a secret

S1, E5

I Miss the War

Will the 1967 Sexual Offences Act will revolutionize everything?

S1, E6

Safest Spot in Town

As the Blitz hits London, Fredrick is grateful that he survived in a very unlikely place

S1, E7

The Perfect Gentleman

But Bobby has a secret. Can it survive when it really matters?

S1, E8

Something Borrowed

Steve, a groom to be, anxiously prepares his wedding speech