Binge Series

Planet Earth: Life

The diversity of the natural world and unusual animal behavior that has enabled species to survive is documented.

S1, E1

Challenges of Life

The diversity of animals and plants, and stories of survival in nature; capuchin monkeys use stone hammers; killer whales hunt seals; an elephant herd follows the matriarch.

S1, E2

Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians live on every continent except Antarctica; frogs hunt bats; Komodo dragons track buffalo; snakes that live and breed in the sea.

S1, E3


Millions of fruit bats migrate from the Congo to Zambia; a sengis escapes death; whale fight.

S1, E4


The secret and ferocious world of the great white shark, sailfish, puffer fish and barracuda.

S1, E5


Birds can fly at high speeds and cover great distances, but also can show murderous tendencies.

S1, E6


The world's most diverse animal group, insects, possess fearsome weapons but also show tenderness.

S1, E7

Hunters and Hunted

Explore the battles fought daily between carnivores and their prey around the world.

S1, E8

Creatures of the Deep

An investigation of marine invertebrates and the way they thrive in the toughest parts of the ocean; divers swim into a shoal of predatory Humboldt squid as the creatures emerge from the depths to hunt in packs.

S1, E9


Time-lapse photography reveals all the drama of the plant world, unable to be seen by the naked eye.

S1, E10


Primates are intelligent, capable of problem solving, communicating and social interaction.