Here are more behind-the-scenes secrets from our very own Orphan Black production team!

The Mexican Cantina— as we call it — was designed by our production designer John Dondertman and built inside our studios. We used some of the existing walls of the Rendition Camp, and part of the courtyard as a shoot off to create this set.

Fun Fact: the bar is actually located in the same place where Helena and Sarah’s cells once stood.

Sheila McCarthy, the actress who plays Connie Hendrix, auditioned for Marion Bowles Season 2. She’s also associate producer Mackenzie Donaldson’s mother.

Fun Fact: Mackenzie asked Sheila to redo her first audition for Connie because she knew with some small direction Sheila would hit it out of the park. And it turns out Mackenzie was right!

Sheila’s first scene on Orphan Black was a clone scene — not an easy introduction! It was the scene where she meets Cosima in the bathroom. She was thrown right into the fold and got to know Alison and Cosima in her first day.

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The election was always going to be a major element to Alison’s Season 3 storyline. And we also knew we wanted her election materials to be as crafty and pink as Alison is. On the other hand, we wanted Marci Coates’ materials to look serious and conservative, so we went with maroon!

We aren’t sure of the exact numbers for all of the items we had to create for Alison’s and Marci’s campaigns, but it was a lot. We do know that our wardrobe team only made 16 of the Alison toques. They were hot items at the end of the season — everyone wanted one.

Fun Fact: the toques were purchased, but our wardrobe team embroidered the logo on them in-house!

For this episode, the art department also had to design election materials for two other candidates. “Vote for Bob” is our favorite!

Setting up another suburban nemesis for Alison — after the infamous Aynsley— was not an easy task. We really didn’t want to tread on material that had already been done before, and casting was key to distinguishing the two characters.

We auditioned a number of very different women for the part, but Amanda Brugel hit it out of the park.

Fun Fact: In her audition she told us she was channeling some of the women from her very own suburban neighborhood.

Pouchy’s warehouse is located on Queen Street East in Toronto, right around the corner from the exterior location of Mrs. S’s house and across the street from the bar that Cosima and Sarah go to in Season 1 Episode 3. It is a mechanic shop most of the time called Ming’s Auto.

The actor who plays Pouchy was cast in Season 1. He didn’t speak in Season 1, but gave some very threatening stares! And when Alison and Donnie got into the drug game there was no question that they were going to end up running into Vic’s old dealer, Pouchy. For continuity, we also wanted to bring back his “muscle” from Season 1 (the guy who cut off Vic’s finger), but it turns out in the time that passed since Seasons 1 and 2 that actor had left the business. Lucky for us he made an exception and came back to be in Season 3 of OB!

This episode was shot in the dead of winter here in Toronto — January of 2015. It was freezing and really hard to be outdoors. But our amazing cast and crew got through it with parkas and hand warmers.

The school that Alison gives her speech in — Jason Kellerman and Ali’s old high school — was actually shot in three different locations around the Greater Toronto Area: the exterior, hallways, bathroom, entrance and cafetorium were all different locations and were connected seamlessly by Director Ken Girotti and our Editor Gillian Truster.


The light blue VW Cosima brings to the school is actually Shay’s car. You might have seen it in the morning scene between Shay and Cosima where Shay runs a toy Bug along Cosima’s hip. This was something Graeme really wanted for Shay’s character and luckily we found the perfect vintage blue VW for this episode.