• Sarah Manning, the streetwise chameleon who inherited a motley band of clone sestras that she’s bravely led through a maze of fierce enemies, is on the brink. Of what, she doesn’t yet know, but it means annihilation or freedom. When they lost the “original” from whom the clones were created, they lost the cure that would subsequently save their lives. This shoved Sarah down a familiar reckless path and straight into a confrontation with Rachel. Now wounded, stranded, and powerless to help her foster mum S and daughter Kira when Ferdinand comes calling, Sarah’s number might finally be up. With S's network compromised, and Neolution more powerful than ever, Sarah realizes she can no longer go off half-cocked. Guided by her mum's mantra of patience and precision, Sarah can be the leader clone club deserves… one who will lead them into a desperate and bloody last stand for their freedom.