• Delphine returns after surviving an assassination attempt by Detective Duko. Delphine has been ally, monitor, enemy, and lover to the Leda sisters, specifically Cosima. We met her first as a lab assistant working as Cosima’s monitor. Delphine famously fell in love with the nerdy clone and has been surreptitiously working from the inside of Neolution to find a way to save her beloved. After succeeding Leekie at Dyad Delphine found herself in a power struggle with Rachel that led to her eventual attempted assassination. Believed dead, Delphine spent her time recovering on the Island and has since found a role as a researcher and physician. Cosima’s presence on the island is a relief to Delphine, but it causes questions about her loyalty, putting her double agent status at risk. As much as Delphine wants to be with Cosima, honesty has never been the foundation of their relationship, and her continued work in the shadows may very well save the sisters, but cost her the love of her life.