• Alison Hendrix, the soccer mom that married young and sought out domesticity, is wife to Donnie Hendrix and an adoptive mother. On the surface, she appears the epitome of control, but in truth, she is a pill-popping addict, a recovering alcoholic and former drug dealer…. oh, and an adulterer and murderer, but those were just incidental. However, with Neolution and the police on her heels, those incidental infractions may finally send her house of cards tumbling down.  She and Donnie have fled to the woods, putting Alison very much outside herself. This season she’ll set off on a journey of self-discovery as she grows to despise her own controlling nature and the superficiality of suburban life. But Alison will need to overcome her biggest insecurity — her clone identity — in order to justify her place within the sisterhood.