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Tatiana Maslany: Dreaming in Clone

Editor’s Note: We culled your questions from Facebook and Twitter for our final Q&A with an Orphan Black crew member. This week, Tatiana Maslany! 

The first few were burning questions for many Clubbers:

1. Do you ever dream in character and/or about your characters?
Tatiana Maslany: I used to have dreams about switching between characters, especially after a day of clone scenes, and my body would be physically moving back and forth while I was trying to sleep.

2. How did you prepare for your Spanish-speaking scene in the finale?
The addition of Camilla was very late in the game, so I had next to no time to prep her, unfortunately. Thankfully I had a great Colombian dialect coach and Evelyne to help me through it.


3. Do you think Rachel could have ever been a part of Clone Club? How do you see her in the next month, year?
Maybe if she’d grown up in different circumstances or challenged the beliefs she was raised to have. I feel like deep down that connection between the sestras would be very healing for her. I just don’t know that she’ll ever be equipped to make herself that vulnerable. I see her as a blank slate, starting fresh, shedding all the things that defined her. She’ll probably go backpacking through Europe and find herself, aka run in to another clone 😉

4. What’s next for you?
TM: I’m heading to TIFF for the premiere of the film Stronger, directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, that I filmed last year. Other than that, I’ve been working with friends on projects that we’re developing, smaller collaborative pieces with actors/directors/musicians who I’m close with.

5. @tatianalexandre via Twitter: which episode was the most emotionally challenging to film?
They were all emotionally challenging in some way, but the last four episodes of Season 5 were especially difficult. Losing S, Rachel’s journey, Helena’s storyline, Sarah’s pain — it was all very heavy. But those were some of my favorite episodes because of how deep those characters got to go.

6. @itstaylcryall via Twitter: which clone was the hardest to say goodbye to?
Alison and Helena were especially difficult because they’re unlike any character I’ve ever gotten to play — so wild and fun.

7. @paperheartsmx via Twitter: It’s really rare to see a couple with such chemistry (emotional & intellectual) like cophine. What was your favorite scene with Evelyne?

TM: For me, it’s probably the scene in Season 5, when we flashback to Season 1. And we see the two of them struggling with their role in this world, trying to assert something as theirs. The combination of Helen Shaver’s direction and insight; our camera operator Sean’s energy; and the privacy we got to have in that scene, where the camera is swirling around us… it just felt so right. It was internal, it was private, and it was felt as opposed to looked at. Felt very empowering to explore the love of these two women this way.

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