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Episode 7: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Gag or Throttle’

Here are behind-the-scenes secrets from our very own Orphan Black production team!

When we create a new clone on the show it takes a lot of time, input, conversations, team members, test shoots, and more. Even if they’re just going to appear as a dead corpse. We need to give them a story so that we can create a look and Tatiana can create a character. In this episode, we did something we’ve never done before which is create a clone corpse, without Tatiana having to play the character herself. To pull this off we used the prosthetic body that we built in Season 1 for the autopsy scenes and added piercings holes and a blue Mohawk wig.

Fun Fact: We had our hair artist create two different wigs to try out on the body because we were worried that the shaved scalp wouldn’t look real on camera as we weren’t puncturing in the hair follicles but rather having our makeup artist paint them on. Once we tested it though we knew we had the look down.


Fun Fact: This type of hairstyle would always be way too difficult to pull off on Tatiana herself as we don’t have the time to give her bald cap in our production schedule, and we also can’t shave her head. So, it was really fun to be able to pull off a look that we could never afford to do in our day-to-day production schedule.


Between Leekie’s younger wig, our new clone’s look, and young Rachel, this episode is full of wigs. And it was no small feat that our hair team was able to pull all of these wigs off. To do so, Patricia, our lead hair artist, had to hire multiple daily hair designers to come in and cover her on set so that she could knot the wigs in the trailer. She worked nights, weekends, mornings, and more to create all three looks.



Fun Fact: Because our scripts were a bit late in being released to our crew through the end of the season, Patricia only had two weeks to finish all three (four if you count the extra wig we didn’t use) wigs. She had to make Matt Frewer look ten years young, help Tatiana pull off teenage Rachel and create an entirely new clone while still working the day-to-day production schedule because we were shooting Episode 506.

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