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Episode 5: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Ease for Idle Millionaires’

Throughout our five seasons one aspect of Cosima’s life we haven’t ever explored was her family. We know tons about Sarah’s upbringing and relatives. Alison’s family has been featured and we even met her mother. But we hadn’t ever explored Cosima’s. Graeme has known since day one who Cosima’s parents were and that she came from a happy, creative, and supportive home. He also knew they were sailors and spent most of their time living on their boat. But that amazing speech Cosima gives at the dinner table about her family wasn’t always in this episode. Graeme had been looking for the right moment in the series to have her give that speech, and it wasn’t until we were getting some really tough notes regarding the dinner party scene that he found the speech’s home. Once that piece was placed into the scene between Susan, PTW, and Cosima, it was complete and solved the issues in that scene.

Helen Shaver had a very clear vision when it came to the food served at the dinner party. She wanted it to feel inspired by the wild, raw nature of the island. And for each dish to have animalistic elements. Our props master Craig Williams worked with her and our writer Jenn Engels to come up with the right concepts for each course, and then had a great food stylist come in and create the final dishes on set. If you look closely, there are butterflies, birds’ nests, and more animal elements hidden within each dish.


The majority of this episode takes place up on the island and within PTW’s home. In the middle of shooting this episode, the location went from looking like a perfect fall day to a full-on snowstorm. We did our best to hide this, but if you look closely there are some scenes where the ground is covered in snow and others where it looks completely dry.

Fun Fact:
We almost couldn’t make Evelyne Brochu’s schedule work for this episode because we had her for two days, but the schedule needed her for three days. So instead of Cosima and Delphine coming face-to-face in the village right before Delphine goes upstairs to report to PTW — which was how it read in the first drafts — we used a body double and had Cosima see her from behind climbing the stairs. Not only did this help our shooting schedule, it also added another level of mistrust between Cosima and Delphine, allowing us to start them off in a rocky place so their arcs in this episode ended up being more fulsome and interesting.

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