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Episode 5: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Ease for Idle Millionaires’

Here are behind-the-scenes secrets from our very own Orphan Black production team!

When you dive back into the past of a show and attempt to fill in the time between scenes that occurred in the first season but shoot them in Season 5, you are asking a lot of your production teams. Five years has gone by, wardrobe teams have changed, props masters are different, sets have evolved, and more. But when you go back in time and pick up right at the end of a scene you shot in 110 like we did in this episode, you need everything to feel seamless between the two scenes. The biggest challenges we faced while trying to remount this scene as a flashback were twofold: we had painted a huge mural on one quarter of the walls in Felix’s loft and we had cleared out the clones’ closets in Season 3 and given away all the wardrobe from that scene. So, we had to be creative. Our director Helen Shaver had to make sure she shot out the scene so that the mural was always behind the camera, making the blocking and camera angles limited. And when it came to the wardrobe, our costume team could find clothes that matched Delphine’s wardrobe almost perfectly, but Cosima’s skirt and sweater were very specific and unique. They reached out to our networks, who had taken a lot of the iconic wardrobe as giveaways, they reached out to the brands to see if they had either piece in stock (highly unlikely five years later), and even attempted to remake the iconic sweater, but nothing was working out. That is until Darci Cheyne in the wardrobe department decided to put the request out on the Clone Club page on Facebook in case a fan had either piece at home from the fan giveaways or had done cosplay and found the items in stores years ago. And guess what? It worked! One of our incredible fans found the sweater and saved the day by sending it to production just in time to shoot the scene. That is fan dedication and another of the countless reasons why Clone Club is simply the best.

Fun Fact: The fan who found the sweater was Deborah Harris (@mischief89). If you are an active member of Clone Club, you probably know her because she and her twin are well known for their OB cosplay. Deborah found it by using Poshmark and then sending us the sweater. This is from her about the experience:

“To say I love to cosplay is an understatement. My twin sister told me I should start watching Orphan Black for the ‘endless cosplay’ for the two of us. It just so happens that the show happens to be amazing on top of it. The cast and crew have always been so open and willing to chat with clone club through social media. One of them happens to be Darci, one of the costume designers from the show. She was always happy to interact with fans and help cosplayers — like myself — out when we’re putting together outfits.

I never thought I would be able to help out this show that I adore so much. But, in late fall of 2016, Darci reached out and asked me if I had the beaded sweater you saw Cosima wear in the flashback from 1×10. I didn’t, but promised I would keep an eye out. Thankfully a few days later I found it and immediately got in contact with Darci to let her know it would be shipped to the show.

It says a lot about a show when they reach out to fans and are more than happy and grateful for help.”

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