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Q&A: Production Designer John Dondertman

6. Inês R. via Facebook: How did you get ispird to creat the set in order of the personality of the carecter? 🙂
JD: Great question. It is easy to be inspired on Orphan Black as all of the characters are well-developed and have very unique personalities. All of the clones live in unique worlds, that are super-fun to design.

7.@evelynesgrace via Twitter: if you could ask a clone assist you in decorating a set, which clone would it be and why.
JD: Another awesome question. It would be great fun to have Helena assist with the decoration of her environments. We built the wigwam and other spaces for her, and I think we got them right, but it would have been fun to have Helena involved.

8.‏ @jazmoore via Twitter: what little Easter eggs have you hidden on set?
JD: There is an easter egg in the Season 5 finale that refers to the creators of the show, and that’s all I am going to say for now.

9.@KellyBlakeArt via Twitter: Do the technical requirements of the show cause any limitations whilst designing the production/details of each set?
JD: Due to the requirements of the Technodolly, which is needed for most of the clone scenes, all of our sets need to be able to have virtually all of the walls removed for ease of movement. In order to do that, the ceilings all need to be suspended from the grid of the studio, and all of the set dressing elements need to be secured as nothing can move at all during the various clone set-ups.

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