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Q&A: Kristian Bruun Explains Why Donnie Always Runs Away

11. Kim P. via Facebook: You’ve had so many hilarious moments over the show’s run — was there a scene that you had trouble getting through without cracking up?
KB: I felt like I got worse as the years went on! Tatiana would crack me up easier and easier. She was unstoppable though — no surprise there. I just tried to keep up and not crack. I failed a lot in that. It was a total pleasure.


The bed-twerking scene was just too much fun. We were too busy shaking our asses to crack up, but really anything with Helena would set me off. (It didn’t help that I constantly pronounced her name wrong and would immediately start cracking up…)

12. A lot of Clone Club wanted to know which clone and/or character with which you wished you had more screentime thus far?
KB: All of them. I would love to get a chance to explore that dynamic more with each and every one of them. They were all so beautiful and full. (But like, give me more Helena any day…)

13. Any message for Clone Club?
KB: Hey. Clone Club. Thank you so much for all your support. This show wouldn’t have survived for as long as it did if it wasn’t for you. You made all the crazy long hours worthwhile. What a gift it has been to be a part of a show that had such a loyal following. I hope you enjoy this show many times over for years to come. And please, if you ever run into me on the street, in an airport, even in a bathroom, please say hi. I’m always happy to meet you. You’re the cream to my coffee, the cheese to my wine, the porridge that Goldilocks chose — you’re juuuuust right. Thank you thank you thank you.

Kristian Bruun

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