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Episode 8: What You Didn’t Know About ‘The Redesign of Natural Objects’

In the last episode, Rachel’s visions were of a swan peacefully floating through her line of sight, but this week the visions got a bit weirder. We used a combination of the real swan, a prosthetic swan neck, VFX, and b-roll that was shot of the village in order to create the perfect mysterious and frightening vision. Once all of the elements were shot, our editing team and VFX team at Intelligent Creatures worked together with our showrunners to create the perfect look and tone for the visions that flicker in and out of Rachel’s bionic eye.

Fun Fact: We actually shot two days worth of b-roll and visions inserts before finding the right visual motif to tell our story. Originally Susan Duncan was in Rachel’s visions, but it didn’t feel right when we saw the edit so we went back to the drawing board and what you see in the episode is where we ended up landing.

The script originally did not have MK showing Sarah and Cosima the Evie Cho and Susan Duncan video conference call that she intercepted. We didn’t think at the script stage that it was necessary for the story. However, once in post-production, we realized that our clones needed to see and hear that Neolution wasn’t done coming after them in order to light a fire under our clones. With a little brilliance from our editor we were able to slice in the video using VFX and reaction shots on Sarah and Cosima.

Fun Fact: Editor Jay Prichidny had the idea to cut in the intercepted video in that scene and it worked perfectly. The things you can do in post!

This episode was written by a new addition to our writing team — Peter Mohan. Peter and Graeme have worked together in the past and we were delighted when he became available to join us midway through the season. Peter is a highly experienced and very well-respected Canadian writer, and he did a great job bringing the comedy of Donnie in jail together with the dramatic demise of Duko.

Production meeting (Director Peter Mohan is the man sitting next to Graeme Manson)

The Jesus Christ Superstar number was choreographed and musically directed by Anika Johnson and Barbara Johnston, the women behind Blood Ties the Musical, in which Alison performed in Season 2. You can actually see them in the show as the background dancers and singers.


Fun Fact: We based the outfits on the original costumes from the film by Norman Jewison.

Barbara Johnston

Fun Fact: Did you catch the funeral portrait of Alison’s Season 1 best frenemy Aynsley? We thought it would be funny to have it in the wings of the church’s stage as if it was stored there and they forgot about it. It was a fun throw to Alison’s past, especially when she is in such a distressed state.

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