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Episode 6: What You Didn’t Know About ‘The Scandal of Altruism”

The location where our climax takes place is actually only a few blocks away from Sarah’s “funeral” location, Cal’s RV by the sailboats location, and Katja’s killing location. All of these locations look like they could be in the middle of nowhere, but in fact they are right in the heart of the bottom of the city, by Lake Ontario. This is one of the industrial parts of Toronto and also where a lot of our film studios are located. What’s really great about this part of town is that it can double as many different locations and therefore provides us as a show a lot of flexibility when we need rural or abandoned areas — as we often do.


Fun Fact: Because we needed the location to feel very sparse and abandoned – why else would a police detective choose to kill an old woman there, we didn’t actually get to show off the amazing cityscape of Toronto that you can see from the small hill we shot on. You can see in these pictures from the location scout that the view is quite stunning. (Insert multiple pictures of the director and crew, and general location pictures here.)

Have you noticed that Evie has a scar in her present-day scenes, but not in the flashbacks? That was an Easter egg we planted and that pays off at the end of this episode when Beth beats her up before making the decision that incited everything.

Fun Fact: The scar was added somewhat last minute after we had already shot the first flashbacks in Episode 401. John Fawcett had the idea that we could plant something in the present day that might lead to fans speculating what the scar was from. And in tonight’s episode, you find out!

FUN FACT: Our wonderful makeup artist, Stephen Lynch, helped us design the perfect subtle scar that appears on Evie’s cheekbone. Originally we chose a much bigger scar, but on the day, just before we needed to shoot, John had Stephen cut it down slightly to make it a more subtle and intriguing injury.

FUN Fun Fact: Makeup assistant Kristin Wayne was the first to try on the scar, as actress Jesslyn Wahlin was not in Toronto in time for a camera test.

What can we say? We love Krystal, Art, and Felix. And I think that is very clear in our one, very hilarious storyline in this episode. Be it Kevin’s eye rolls or Felix’s wardrobe choices, we knew this episode needed a light touch and these three killed it.

Fun Fact: Krystal’s pepper spray was actually an Evian water spray that our art department rebranded in pink to look like a women’s self defense product.

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