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Episode 2: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Transgressive Border Crossing’

The actor with the forked tongue at Club Neolution has a real forked tongue! He had never acted before, but we put a call out for people with body enhancements and alterations for this scene, and he was perfect.

Fun Fact: That same actor actually gave himself the forked tong about 15 years ago. He cut his own tongue in a bathroom mirror. Eeek!

Sudz and Tumble is also a real and functioning storefront in Toronto, and it is right across the street from the exterior location we use for The Rabbit Hole.

Fun Fact: If you look carefully, you’ll see that we parked a big truck in front of the orange store across the street so that audiences wouldn’t notice that The Rabbit Hole’s exterior was right there, too.

The creepy bot video that Dizzy shows Sarah at Club Neolution was again a great collaboration between the writers, our crew, and the VFX team at Intelligent Creatures. Graeme has always been obsessed with these awesome slime-mold videos and we decided that the bot would have a built-in defense mechanism that allows it to kill its host should they tamper with the device. We based that defense mechanism on the slime molds! (Great example HERE.)

Fun Fact: we re-dressed part of the new safe house set to film this video. Ken Girotti, the director for Episode 403, actually directed that video component.

Chair redressed in safe house set
Chair redressed in safe house set

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