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Episode 2: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Transgressive Border Crossing’

Fun Fact: The front of the comic book store, The Rabbit Hole, is actually a convenience store here in Toronto at Ontario Street and Dundas Street. We built a version of the front façade inside our studios and often shot in front of the store as if we were exterior.

Fun Fact: Hellwizard, who runs the shop, was introduced last season as a Dyad security guard that helped Scott get Rachel out. This year he is fully entrenched in Clone Club. The actor, Calwyn Shurgold, is actually producer Mackenzie Donaldson’s longtime boyfriend, and if you look closely at the graffiti-covered backdoor you’ll see a cat in the bottom right-hand corner. That cat is Gibson, Mackenzie and Calwyn’s cat. Shout out to the art department for the homage!

Calwyn at The Rabbit Hole
Calwyn at The Rabbit Hole

More Fun Facts: Almost all of the inventory you see—posters on the walls and knick-knacks hanging around the shop—are real. Funko Pop! and IDW, not to mention a whole bunch of other awesome supporters of the show, sent us inventory so that we could pull off a realistic-looking comic book store. We also supported a bunch of local Canadian and Torontonian illustrators by using their posters on the walls.






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