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Episode 2: What You Didn’t Know About ‘Transgressive Border Crossing’

Iceland was created on our sets and with the help of our VFX team at Intelligent Creatures. We debated for quite awhile when we were creating the images of the lights coming across the snowscape: would they be helicopters? Snowmobiles? Should we create a road? We landed on snowmobiles to emulate how Sarah, Kendall, and Mrs. S. got there last year, and we imagined that there was a small road out back where Kira, Sarah, S., and Kendall would escape inside of a big truck.

Fun Fact: John Fawcett’s first idea for this scene was to have the four women escape in a big snowcat. Sadly, in Toronto we just did not have the right weather or location to pull off a scene like that. But it would have been cool to give a wink to The Shining.

From the beginning of development for Season 3, John and Graeme had their hearts set on creating a new secret lab for Cosima, but they needed a front for it. We tossed around using Bubbles as Alison and Donnie own it now, but we also wanted to introduce a new set for fans, a new staple in our studio for Season 4. So John thought, “Why not a comic book emporium?” And Russ Cochrane was the lucky writer to introduce us to this new hideout, upstairs and down.


“The Rabbit Hole Comic Book and Gaming Emporium,” name came from a game our production plays every year. We always give our different seasons a nickname (to protect the show from getting spoiled), and our whole office crew votes at the beginning of prep on what the name will be. This year, we called ourselves Rabbit Hole Productions, and when we needed a name for the comic book store, assistant to the showrunners, Evan Moore, suggested The Rabbit Hole, and everyone loved it!

Evan in the lab set
Evan in the lab set


Evan's view in the writers' room
Evan’s view in the writers’ room

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