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The Hive Recap: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est


Inside the Hive: Episode 205 


“The twins are back together.” – Dr. Leekie

Dead on the Job
We open this episode with Rachel’s discovery of dead Daniel. Matthew Bennett, the actor who plays Daniel, was a champ lying on the ground covered in blood all day – seems like we do this to a lot of our actors. Here’s a shot of our amazing on set props key Craig Williams and dead Daniel having a little lie down on the job.


Dead Daniel (Matthew Bennett) and Orphan Black set props key, Craig Williams.

Writing On the Wall
Did you get a good glimpse of Helena’s bloody drawings all over Rachel’s pristine apartment? We had a new Art Department this season and this was their first chance to recreate her bloody stick figures. Needless to say, they had fun!


Creator Graeme Manson posing with Helena’s bloodied gown.

Red Wedding
Helena needed a new look for this episode. She couldn’t keep that creepy wedding dress on for long, but where would she get the clothes? Well of course what’s better than Felix’s closet!? Debra Hanson and Tatiana went through Felix’s existing wardrobe and picked out what they thought Helena would have loved: a unicorn shirt and wide striped pants of course! Here’s Graeme saying a sad goodbye to Helena’s bloody wedding dress. (A popular pick for #CloneClub 2014 Halloween costumes, perhaps?)

Don’t Snap Towels…
Did you recognize Bobby and Bobby’s Bar from episode 1 season 1? Sarah goes there to Skype Kira in this episode, but it’s where we first met Felix in the pilot. We had the same actress, Diana Salvatore, back to play Bobby. It was a fun reunion, as she hadn’t been on set since our first day of shooting Orphan Black, ever.


“Ello Detective Bell.” – Helena

Riding E.T. Style
Did you wonder why Helena was wearing Felix’s helmet when she arrives at Art’s? That’s because originally Helena and Felix were supposed to have a whole scene where they doubled on Felix’s bike. It was first pitched to the room as a throw to E.T. with Helena riding on the front handlebars. But due to weather (snow) we weren’t able to film the scene. At least we still get to see Helena in the backwards helmet!

Pen Props
Felix’s pen that Helena steals and puts in her boot did not get the close up it deserved. It was actually a very specific request from The Hive, that the pen be a ‘nudy’ pen – where a sexy man goes from dressed to naked when you flip it upside down. Thank you props for finding just that!


“Confession heals all.” – Bonnie

Lips Are Sealed
Sewing up Gracie’s lips was a highly debated idea within the room. Ultimately, the lips got sewn up in order to show a little bit of the old Prolethean ways slipping through into Johanssen’s new sect. It also provided the perfect setting to explore the budding romance between Mark and Gracie. When The Hive first saw the cut of that twisted and romantic scene we all got shivers – the sparks certainly fly between those two.

On the Menu
When Tatiana eats as Helena, she really eats. And we mean – it she eats everything!! Here’s a glimpse of the mess she left at Art’s.


Mmmm… lunch?

Blowing Off Steam
Did you catch the shirtless fat guy from the first episode hanging around outside of the steam baths at Felix’s? We had fun in this episode throwing back to the first season; Bobby’s Bar, Colin the Morguey and this wonderful Extra who stood around half naked outside in freezing temperatures.


The winning work of art.

Coloring Clones
The Art Department (comprised of adults) created all of Kira’s drawings this season. For this specific picture they held a small competition and each drew their own version. Turns out the winner was Sash Kosovic – a 36 year old man! Here are the all of the other pictures that were drawn and Sash’s winning image is the black and white one, which Kira colored in on set.


Alternative seestra doodles.

The gas mask Kira wears when the cop wants to search the RV was specifically requested by Graeme Manson in order to shed some light on Cal’s activist past. Originally he wanted Kira to find and wear a Guy Fawkes mask, but that design is copyrighted and we weren’t able to clear it for the show.

Sweet Ride
Helena’s back! In Felix’s coat, but in first season style with a motorcycle and all. That awesome old motorcycle was actually a special request from John Fawcett. It was parked in the front lot of a mechanic’s shop, by the studios we shoot in, since season one. John Fawcett and the majority of the crew, drive by it every day coming to work. John loved it and made it a priority to put it in season two. So here it is, Helena’s bike.


“She likes bikes, right?” – Art Bell

Set Inspection: Helena’s Garage
The Art department spent weeks creating photos, clues, and creepy stuff that Helena would have collected and been given from Maggie Chen. It was a challenge because of the specificity needed in so many of the clues. Here are a couple creepy shots so you can see the Art Department’s detailed work.


Helena’s creepy doll head collection.

Sniper Seat
The table that Helena is using for her sniper position had to be built specifically for this scene in order to accommodate cameras, the chair, actor’s safety, and lots of other things. They had to build two of them for the scene, and now they serve as The Hive’s writing room table and the Art Department’s main worktable.


Helena’s warehouse sniper seat.

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