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Q&A with Michelle Forbes


There’s a powerful new player at the Dyad Institute. Actress Michelle Forbes is slated to appear on the upcoming season of ‘Orphan Black’ as Marion Bowles, a Dyad agent with a birds-eye view on the war between Sarah and Rachel. We caught up with Forbes on the set of season two, and while she’s staying tight-lipped about her character’s story arc, she shared details on a recently-discovered fan affliction. What can you tell us about your character in season two?
Michelle Forbes: Marion Bowles has a lot invested in the clones. In their science. I’ll leave it at that.

When did you become a fan of the series?
MF: I’m afraid I must admit I hadn’t seen the show until I was invited on. I heard people raving about it and it was certainly on my list, but I was shamefully behind. As I’d heard repeatedly, once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. Now, I almost don’t want to do the show, because I don’t want things spoiled for me! At the same time, it’s quite nice walking around with a cool secret in my back pocket.

I’ve discovered a new affliction; it’s called Orphan Black Eyes. When people ask me what I’m working on and I tell them Orphan Black…they usually clutch a part of my body and their eyes go wide and a little crazy. People are MAD for this show. As am I.


What are your top three reasons why people should watch the show?
MF: Tatiana Maslany. Tatiana Maslany. Tatiana Maslany. Just kidding…kind of. 1. Tatiana, of course. She is a revelation. 2. The originality. I love that I genuinely have no idea what is about to happen. 3. The writing. It’s weird. It’s dark. It’s fearless. It’s funny.

Who’s your favorite clone?
MF: I love them all for different reasons, but I would say Sarah’s accidental humanity, blind courage and love of her child always gets to me. But heavens, Alison is one wonderful nutbird! I get so excited when she shows up!


If you could clone anyone, who would it be?
MF: I wouldn’t clone anyone. The science terrifies me. Makes brilliant television though!

‘Orphan Black’ returns to BBC AMERICA for its second season on Saturday, April 19 at 9/8c. To catch up on the first season, click HERE.

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