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The Hive Recap: Variations Under Domestication

The mysterious Dr. Leekie.
The mysterious Dr. Leekie.

“Plato would have thought we were gods.” – Dr. Aldous Leekie

What if you really are an involuntary human subject in a vast, deeply creepy secret experiment? What if, for your whole life, all the people you’ve trusted and loved might well turn out to be merely plants, spies; the tools of a sinister network devoted to collecting information about you without your permission.

If you’re a self-aware product of an secret human cloning project, your next move may be the only thing left in your life you can still control.

This is the last illusion you need to lose.

There was always going to be a potluck. The social symbolism of ‘everyone bringing something to the table to feed the group’ would force some trusts, and ravage others. The idea that some clones might be safer than others, that some lifestyles or values ought to exempt us from tragedy while others ‘get what they deserve’ is a myth The Hive was happy to attack.

We (The Hive) are the children of Alison Hendrix’s suburban bubble. We know the control people like Alison crave. And, we know what can happen when you tear it all away. The one clone who believed she should be able to throw middle-class money at the problem and keep her own hands clean was, we knew, a disaster waiting to happen. Alison’s tidy little world is a perfect glass palace. Our pockets are stuffed with rocks. But who would we hurt in this entitlement take-down? And who would surprise us, as heroes?

Alison's perfect suburban bubble bursts.
Alison’s perfect suburban bubble bursts.

As we now know, human clones may be genetic identicals – but their personalities and choices are entirely individual and unique. Sarah threw caution to the wind and exposed Paul. But in doing so, she has also exposed herself as an impostor, and exposed the one person she has sworn to protect: little Kira is now at risk, in play for forces beyond our understanding and control. The same dilemma plunges Alison on a booze and drug fueled witch hunt in her own home. While distant, defiant Cosima’s stakes are left unmitigated by responsibilities to innocents. Her weakness is her passion for the quest. Maybe having no one else to worry about makes you your very own worst enemy.

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