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The Hive Recap: Entangled Bank


You wanna mess with my life? I’m gonna mess with yours.” – Alison

Let’s face it: any half-decent, truly diabolical illegal human experiment is going to require more than a few unlikely pairings. But our front-line conspirators could hardly have foreseen a trio of rebellious victims all willing to hop into the sack (proverbial or otherwise) with whomever it takes to get to the bottom of who is really screwing them around.

Human clones make for strange bedfellows. Sarah, Cosima and Alison are each confronting their own very personal New World Order, in their own unique ways. The terms of their existence are again up for grabs. Every relationship they ever had, or will ever consider having, is definitely open to corruption, manipulation or misunderstanding. In addition to genetics, they now share a collective vulnerability…. At the hands of those around them…. At the hands of those hunting them…. And sadly, at the hands of one another.

The price of their cooperation is, losing the luxury of an independent act. Anything one does impacts the others now. Some clones just take this responsibility much more gravely than others. Only one outcome is guaranteed: no one can continue as they are. When your very own assassin has proven more useful to your survival than the forces who claim to serve your ‘best interests,’ its gotta be tough to know where to turn.

Sure you have ‘friends’ on the police force. But going to the authorities you’ve punked to find answers? Probably isn’t going to work out in anybody’s favor.

Of course, Art and DeAngelis have never given up their hunt. They have two mysteries to solve: a gruesome murder, and ‘Beth’s’ sudden self-retirement from the force. No mere cop is going to get the memo that Big Science is actually the culprit.

Think fast, Sarah.
Think fast, Sarah.

But they’re getting warm. Hot, in fact. Keeping all the lies going is tossing Sarah out of one line of fire and into another. Cosima seems lost to her own rose-coloured hopes, and so is rightly regarded as more of a danger, than a reliable resource. Alison returns early from couples‘ camp having learned very little about compromise, it seems. Leaving Sarah with yet another option she’s spent all this adventure trying to avoid.

It’s back to being that child in the black; full-circle to her murky past, to those who seem to have first saved her, and more unexpected alliances. Time to clean house, clear the air; come to terms with those she’s deceived, or find a way to further divert them. If the clones won’t adapt to their new reality as a collective, they can only become their own worst enemies. Trust goes to those who have earned it. A Darwinian selection, however unnatural, is underway.

But as we well know, sharing isn’t always caring. A little insight can be a very dead thing.

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