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‘Black’-Listed: Requiem for the German

Every clone deserves a playlist – even the red-headed German dupe. We asked ‘Orphan Black’ co-creator Graeme Manson for a musical ode to the clone we lost too soon.


Graeme Manson: Katja Obinger, wir lieben Sie. But we hardly knew ya. You had cool hair, a funky coat, and a nasty cough. Were you just a Red Shirt? Or do you still hold a key? Why is your playlist so frickin’ cool-ironic? Just because you’re German? This can’t be merely Deutsche Red Shirt music, can it? Peter Schilling’s Das Princip Mensche is like pouring processed American nacho cheese on a schnitzel – it should be total shite, but it’s awesome!

Awesome like you, Katja Obinger. Rest in peace.

What music would YOU add to the soundtrack of ‘Orphan Black?’ Share your song suggestions below.

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