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The Hive Recap: Conditions of Existence

Cosima has bad news for Sarah...

“If my blind subject were to become suddenly self-aware… I’d terminate.” – Cosima Niehaus

How well do you really know the people you’ve let into your life?

Or, the people who came with the life you hijacked to use for your own ends. The fake life, with the great sex and the nice house and the tolerable free wardrobe. The one with the freaking mobile medical team that shows up when you’re asleep… who take blood samples, and any illusions about your peace of mind, safety or security… without your permission.

Just when you think it’s safe to shed your fake identity, you sneak one last stolen shag… and wake up puking electrodes.  No free rides in this world.  Kick poor Alison’s paranoia up a notch.  Push Cosima’s curiosity about their creators into overdrive.  Scam the scammer, and set Sarah’s quest to do right by her daughter and the clones land us squarely in their own bedrooms.

And Paul’s suspiciously muscular arms.

Who is Paul?! Who is Donnie?! Who is that stunning French scientist crying in the wet lab? Out of the corner of her eye, Sarah has glimpsed something the clones were never meant to see. Something bigger.  Something that came for Beth but got this pissed off punk impostor up on her hind legs, instead. The idea that they are being actively monitored, tested, changes everything. Most of us would not be as optimistic as Cosima is about what this truly means.

What is Donnie hiding?
What is Donnie hiding?

If Helena is the face of the enemies of human cloning, who else clearly knows they exist? Who else shares the clones’ awareness of what they are, where they are, who they’ve all become? If their watching, performing human rights & dignity-violating tests on you in your sleep, you can set aside the idea that your creators are benign or even benevolent. This illegal experiment is on-going. It’s sophisticated and expensive and carefully managed: it is successful thanks to a lot of people you should never have trusted.

Who would willfully poison so many innocent lives this way, and why?  Murderous Helena may be down for the count, but whoever her rescuer really is will have to wait.  There is a new branch of impostor in play. And they are not clones, they are spies.  Alison, Cosima and Sarah have been exposed, surveilled and bodily and morally compromised.  They need to fight back.

Helena's alive... barely.
Helena’s alive… barely.

Writers (and scientists) do fall in love with their subjects. This is the mid-way point in our first collection of adventures, and we debated long and hard on where we would send our brilliant young women, upon revealing the idea of Monitors. The best part was deciding what each individual clone would do about the threat – whether or not it was real.

The worst was knowing how devastating each of these individuals’ decisions would turn out for them all…

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