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The Hive Recap: Instinct

The Hive: Wet Lab & Library

“If you have ever peeled an onion, then you know that the first thin, papery layer reveals another thin, papery layer, and that layer reveals another, and another, and before you know it you have hundreds of layers all over the kitchen table and thousands of tears in your eyes, sorry that you ever started peeling in the first place and wishing that you had left the onion alone to wither away on the shelf of the pantry while you went on with your life, even if that meant never again enjoying the complicated and overwhelming taste of this strange and bitter vegetable.” – Lemony Snicket, The End

Clones: How Can DNA-Identicals Be So Different?
Why is Sarah a kick-ass punk and Alison’s so uptight? Check out this very informative spread from NOVA on what shapes who we are before we’re born… and afterwards.

Just how much is really ‘in the blood’?
The Human Genome Project on Behavior & Genetics

Do You Have A Doppelganger?…
By Episode #102, the writers admired this wonderful project by artist Francois Brunelle …

Real World Cloning: via Clone Safety

Real World Science History: The Annals of Eugenics
“Eugenics is, for good reason, a neglected part of the history of science. It is often associated with genocidal dictatorships such as the Nazi regime, but it’s easy to forget the uncomfortable truth that this was a well-established field in America and Britain too, only a few generations ago.”

Designer Babies…& Ethics
A furor has developed over the ethics of creating “designer babies” ahead of new UK guidance on use of genetic screening techniques.

Behavioral Genetics…
The public is to be asked how scientists should investigate the possible link between genes and behaviour.

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