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The Hive Recap: Instinct

The Hive’s Own Observations and Unexpected Results

Instinct: Mind-Bender

Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah Manning who plays dead police detective Beth Childs who apparently killed an innocent civilian named Maggie Chen, whom the real Beth allegedly mistook for a Person of Interest named Xan Yip.

Say that five times fast.

What’s up with the riddle?
By the end of Episode 101 and again in Episode 102, a riddle is used by clones in the know to test the identities of one another. We never hear the answer to the riddle.

How many impersonations does Sarah Manning pull in Episode 102?
Two. She impersonates police detective Beth Childs, and ‘The German’ aka Katja Obinger.

Why are German-speakers laughing at Sarah’s impression of Katja?
As she prepares to present a convincing impersonation of Katja, Sarah practices the German word ‘genau,’ which means, ‘exactly’ or ‘just so.’ It’s a strange but resonant repetition for a non-German speaker like Sarah to be warming up with, and a teensy bit ironic in the circumstances.

What word is most clearly scrawled in ‘The German’s’ hotel room Bible?

Far-flung fortunes….
In this episode, Sarah acquires identification that imply more ‘dead ringers’ from France, Germany, Italy, Austria… and the closet to where Sarah is mid-discovery is Alison Hendrix – who lives in Bailey Downs – a North American suburb, near by.

Where have I seen this suburb before?
Alison Hendrix lives in the clearly denoted fictional suburb of Bailey Downs; named in tribute to the same fictional suburb that was home to the Fitzgerald sisters of co-creator John Fawcett’s 2000 horror film, Ginger Snaps. The film coincidentally also shot scenes in the same real-life municipality now featured in Orphan Black, some 13 years before.

Which studio office was re-purposed for this episode?
In both Episode 101 and 102, Beth’s psychiatrist’s office is actually the Orphan Black Writers Room.

What is Fung’s?
Fung’s is the fictional name of the diner Detective Art Bell and his partner, Beth Childs, hang out in.

Felix’s awesome coat had a name.
Felix’s beautiful overcoat was called The Withnail Coat. Co-creator Graeme Manson regarded it as a fitting tribute to one of his favorite films, Withnail & I.

Where have I seen Mrs. S. before?
Maria Doyle Kennedy has previously appeared in acclaimed television series like Downton Abbey (as Vera Bates) & Dexter. She is also a singer-song writer, and made a point of scheduling her first Canadian live musical performance – in Toronto – during the shooting of the series. Learn more about Maria’s music here:

Why does ‘Vic the Dick’ look familiar?
Michael Mando has previously performed in acclaimed television series like Flashpoint, The Border, King, and The Bridge. But if you love video games, you may also recognize him as Vaas from “Far Cry 3,” and The Far Cry Experience.

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