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The Hive Recap: Instinct

Sarah's on the clone phone with a mystery caller.

“Every time I think I know something, I’m wrong.” – Sarah Manning

How often do we all wish we were in somebody else’s shoes? Who might we have become if we came into the world under different circumstances, with different options, or simply pursued some other path? How much of who we are is pre-determined, ‘in the blood’? How much can we put down to how we were raised, what’s happened to us, how we each adapt to our big, bad world?

If you’re born a clone, you soon find out. Slipping into dead Beth’s skin was supposed to be a means to an end for Sarah: taking control of her life, and forging a better one for her daughter. Sarah’s focus is on her own survival.

But in assuming Beth’s identity, Sarah has discovered she has more than one dead ringer out there in the world. Watching two die right before her eyes is enough to implicate her in something far bigger than impersonating a dead police officer. But what exactly is it? To get what she wants, and to get out of Beth’s mess, Sarah forces a meeting with the women on the other end of those pink phone calls.

Like any of us, the last thing Sarah expects to find is yet another iteration of herself. Except it’s not her. It’s a woman who happens to look just like her. And Beth. And Katja. But just like the others, she seems to have absolutely nothing else in common with Sarah. It’s fair to say they dislike one another at first sight. It would take something much, much bigger than both of them to force their paths to cross, normally.

Alison Hendrix doesn’t even seem to share Sarah’s need to know who the hell they are to each other. Or at least, she’s very good at setting her own personal boundaries on this unwanted quest; the opposite of what Sarah can say about this experience, so far. But whether they like it or not, they are connected by the fact of their existence.

It will fall to another utterly different iteration – Cosima – named after our real-life Science Consultant – to enlighten Sarah and explain what’s happened to some of the others. Oh yes, there are more. How can genetic identicals be such completely different people? Why are they apparently living all over the place, unaware of each other until now? What clues to the truth about their origins have died with Beth and Katja?

Most importantly, who will Sarah have to become next, to find out what’s really going on?

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