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The Hive Recap: Effects of External Conditions

The Hive: Wet Lab & Library

“I can’t turn your soul on. Leave me those feelings; and you can take away the voice and the face. They are not you.”  ― George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion

A Brief History of Opposition Human Cloning

“Human Cloning: The Need for a Comprehensive Ban”
from the Centre for Bioethics & Human Dignity

“Cloning Human Beings: Religious Perspectives on Human Cloning”
by Courtney S. Campbell, Ph.D.


The Science of Shared Experience, Empathy & Altruism

“Superorganisms as Window Into Complexity and Evolution”
by Wired Science’s Brandon Keim

“On opening up scientific research to collective experience”
by The Guardian’s Bobbie Johnson

“Real Psychics:  Criminal Profiling and the FBI”
by Malcolm Gladwell (Blink, The Tipping Point) on

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