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The Hive Recap: Effects of External Conditions

Helena: "God sent me."

“We have a connection.” – Helena, Killer Clone

Behold, in all her grotesque conviction, a true agent of Sarah’s doom: a new clone. A mad clone. A deadly clone. Unlike all the surprising individuals we’ve met so far, this vicious slave to faith has no interest in Sarah’s quest. Whatever she knows – or thinks she knows – only drives her to hunt the others down – and kill them.

Truth can be toxic. Particularly when you’re convinced you have a corner on the market, leaving no room for possibility, contingency – evolution’s exploding cigar.

If Sarah has learned anything about being a clone so far, it’s how different they can be.  How easily they can fool others in a world that can’t imagine or accept the facts of their existence. How absurd it is to imagine we ever really know ourselves, or decide our direction in life alone. Formerly selfish Sarah is learning that there is nothing more dangerous than thinking we can be sure of anything – or anyone. It seems the key to the clones’ cooperation comes hand in glove with always risking some exposure, if not some kind of death.

Is mental illness part of their DNA’s legacy? Is this killer’s capacity for violence, murder, self-destructive obsession and sociopathic extremism something they could all share? Can there be some good reason for wanting to slaughter so many innocent women? Or is Alison right: they are the product of an illegal experiment that someone must now cover up?

Can altruism trump ignorance? To stop this rogue clone, Cosima applies empathy to Sarah’s exceptional instincts. Art and DeAngelis apply criminal psychology. It’s a race to solving the same problem, with opposing ideas of what that solution should be. Both require imagination, speculation, high performance emotional logic. But only the clones’ appreciation for how different they can be, how much the lives they’ve lived have shaped who each has become, that really changes what happens next.

And for that we credit to our star, Tatiana. For where we gave her our raw, brutal ode to a product of grotesque abuse, she replied with possibility. We all remember the day, as we developed this chapter, that Tat suggested Helena be motivated not by hate, but by love.  And that changed everything, and everyone – even Sarah.

Because a monster who wants to destroy you is hardly unusual. But a monster who sees in you and you alone something they recognize, and want to embrace… Well, that’s a whole new level of terrifying.

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