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The Hive Recap: Natural Selection

The Hive: Wet Lab & Library

“Man selects only for his own good:
Nature only for that of the being which she tends.”
Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

Historic Moments in Cloning

“Roslin’s Director at the time Dolly the Sheep was born stated that ‘the genie was out of the bottle.’ It is not easy to see into the future; before the Roslin Institute did the cloning experiment no one knew if it would work of not (this is the art of science) – the minute after ‘Dolly’ was born it became history.” (via ‘Cloning FAQs,’ The Roslin Institute)

Dolly The Sheep

The Importance of Dolly


“Biological Definition of Altruism”
from The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

John Bonner’s “Slime Mold” Movies

Evolutionary & Genetic Biology Resources

The works, life and times of The Origin of Species author Charles Darwin

The Human Genome Project

News & Views: The Guardian’s Contemporary Cloning Coverage

Essays: “Dr. David Suzuki’s on Biotechnology – A Geneticist’s Personal Perspective”

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